Mallorca Solos was created some years ago by Heather Anderson and flourished with a program of Sunday walks and lunches, attendances at social events and activities including dance and Spanish classes. The venture proved popular but floundered when Heather returned to the UK.

It is now hoped to re-establish Mallorca Solos as a group of singles of all ages who wish to socialise and undertake various activites in the company of fellow singles. So please click here to register your interest.


Upcoming Activities

Watch this space.  
Possible Future Activities and Events.
Volunteers invited to participate and organise.

Sunday lunches, food tasting sessions, wine tasting, short walks + lunch, events (Burns Night, St Georges Day, St Particks Day +++), golf, yoga,  Scottish / Spanish / tango. . . dancing, theatre and concert groups, boat excursions, hiking ++++ your suggestions welcomed.