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Classic Silver Bollard Regatta
Port Adriano
31st July to 3rd August 2014.

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Port Adriano Press Office  9th May 2014
Silver Bollard Regatta
The 2nd edition of "Silver Bollard Regatta"
has started its countdown

Port Adriano, located in the south-west of of Mallorca, it is a marina reference within the Balearics. Designed by Philippe Starck, is striking at first sight for its innovative look and the novelty of their finishes. In addition, this marina offers some unusual and unique leisure opportunities in Mallorca , in a privileged setting..

Inside of this iconic yachting facility will take place between 21 and 24 August 2014 the second edition of the "Silver Bollard Regatta” organized by Port Adriano with the assistance of Club Nautico Santa Ponsa and under auspices of the Balearic Sailing Federation. Last year’s edition was a success both for the level of competition that the participants showed and the fun could experience in all social events that accompanied the race.


In this second edition, the organization expects ,surpass the success of the previous one, and so, the enrolment period to participate in the race it is open already. Forms to formalize participation in the "Silver Bollard Regatta " can be obtained at the offices of Port Adriano or digitally in the website www.silverbollardregatta.com/register, which also makes public all the requirements, applicable regulations, conditions and rates to participate in the event. The deadline for registration will end on July 15th, 2014.

Today, four months before the start of the race there are twelve yachts that have confirmed their presence in the sailing event.


It is planned to carry out three races throughout the regatta, which should be done at least one for the event to be valid. The first day of the regatta will be dedicated to the reception of the participants and the registration of them, on August 22nd and 23rd, the attention signal will be given at 13 hours and the last day, on August 24th the signal will be given at 12 hours.

The races will be held on coastal waters with distance between 8 and 10 nautical miles. Yachts over a length of 16 meters are allowed to participate in this year's Silver Bollard monohull sailing regatta.

The PR team of Port Adriano is very advanced in the program of social events that will take place during the celebration of the race, which will be communicated with the race instructions. It is time to schedule on the calendar the dates from 21 to 24 August, to don’t lose what will be the race of the 2014 summer.


This new edition of the Silver Bollard Regatta is organized by Port Adriano and sponsored by Baltic Yachts and Nautor's Swan.

Port Adriano

For more information please contact: 
Gabinete de prensa Silver Bollard Regatta
Teléfono: 696 594 140 · Marilena Estarellas

Email  gabinetdepremsa@com365.es 

Port Adriano

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Port Adriano Press Office     11-04-2014

Classic Silver Bollard Regatta
From July 31 to August 3

Manitou, former JFK,s yacht will be in Port Adriano again

Classic sailing yachts liven summertime in Port Adriano
Manitou yacht returns to win a new edition
Classics regatta of Port Adriano becomes one of the nautical events of the summer

Palma, April 11, 2014

The date of the event with the classic and vintage yachts in Port Adriano second edition nears by. This summer the event will be held between July 31st and August 3rd.


Some of its stalwarts participants such as the Manitou, Enterprise, Blue Peter and Margarita está Linda la Mar and others have confirmed their presence in the race contributing to strengthen the competition in this classic yachts sailing race.

The enrolment period is still open and it is expected it will be formalized by several classic yachts during next months, which are interested in participating in this event that is characterized by providing participants with a family atmosphere, full of fun and possibilities, as well as a wonderful sailing experience alongside the unique scenery of the cliffs of the west coast of Mallorca.

As this year´s edition sponsors the event will count with the collaboration of Crew Bar of Port Adriano, Gin Mare and the yachting fashion and crew uniforms shop Dolphin Wear.
Everything indicates that Manitou, fabulous classic sailboat which was the weakness of its former owner, the president of the United States John F. Kennedy is willing to give back to the battle to defend the championship title with which he raised in the last edition.

“We are back again because we really enjoyed this race and the environment that it creates. Last year we were the winners and without diminishing our opponents, this crew wants to state that we want to defend the title." Alex Tilleray, Skipper of the Manitou quotes.

The race will count with the photography coverage by the prestigious photographer Jesus Renedo and once again, the race courses and the technical issues of the competition will be managed by the sailing committee headed by renowned Judge Ariane Mainemare.

Dolphin Wear Crew Bar
Port Adriano

Contact and further info: 
Press Office II Classic Silver Bollard Regatta 
Phone: +34 696 594 140 · Marilena Estarellas

Full Press Release + Images
Port Adriano Press Office     21-02-2014

Port Adriano announces the 2nd edition of the Classic Silver Bollard Regatta. For the second year, and after its success of last year´s edition, the race of classic boats in Mallorca’s West coast, the "Silver Bollard Classic Regatta 2014" will be held between 31st july to august 3rd, 2014, in Mallorca waters. The race is organized by the Regattas Club of Port Adriano, with the assistance of Club Nautico Santa Ponsa and under the auspices of the Balearic Sailing Federation (FBV). Registration for the race is already available for boats interested in participating in this fabulous gathering of classic yachts that marks the beginning of a month of absolute role of classic sailing in the waters of the Balearic Islands 31st july to august 3rd, 2014, in Mallorca waters.

The port is beginning to plan this competition and will have to accommodate all these navigation gems that will participate in this race that is already making its space within the Mediterranean classic circuit.

The competition will bring together four kinds of vintage and classic boats to the next division, Era class in competing boats launched before December 31, 1949. The Classics class that thrives on ships launched between January 1, 1950 and December 31, 1975 . The Spirit of Tradition class consists of boats that meet the definition of Spirit of Tradition CIM Regulations and finally the Big Boats class, which for purposes of this regatta, shall be construed to be those with a greater than 23 meters in length.

Also, (quitar from) Port Adriano is preparing an unrivaled social program, created and designed to meet the needs of boaters and visitors that will participate in this second edition of the "Classic Silver Bollard Regatta ", which will have very interesting proposals and entertaining events that should not be missed under any circumstances.

For further information and registrations visit

Port Adriano
Contact and further info:
Press Office 2nd. Classic Silver Bollard Regatta
Phone: +34 696 594 140 · Marilena Estarellas

Issued by Port Adriano Press Office 21-02-2014

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