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Palma International Boat Show 2017
Palma Old Port ( Moll Vell / Muelle Viejo ) Area
 28th April - 2nd May



Palma Boat Show 2017.
Press Releases and Media Updates.   

Nautical Updates from Mallorca.                  10-04-2017

            Palma International Boat Show 2017
                 Palma Superyacht Show 2017   
                        28th April - 2nd May
     Images from Palma 2017       Exhibitors at Palma 2017

The combined Palma Boat Show and Superyacht Show came to an end on May 2nd amidst wide acclaim at the increased scope and visitor participation. The area for the show at the Moll Vell (Old Port) close by the historic Palma Gothic Cathedral has increased to accommodate a ten per cent increase in the number of exhibitors to 224 and a 20% rise in the number of boats to 220. 67 superyachts, ranging from 24 to 60 metres were on display roughly 50:50 motor and sail. With the increasing popularity of the Balearics as a charter destination some 30% of superyachts on show are available for charter. Visitor numbers have increased by 10% over 2016.


Marc Handle (of brokers Ocean Independence and a leading promoter alongside Arne Ploch of Camper & Nicholson's in the establishment of Palma Superyacht Show ) confirmed that he was delighted with the 2017 combined event. The fourth year in Palma alongside the long standing Palma Boat Show the combined event is now very well established and well promoted internationally. Marc observed a wider international range of visitors including many from the USA including brokers and from the Middle East as well as substantial visitors from all over Europe. Marc was kept very busy during the event meeting with many serious clients interested in the Ocean Independence display of 10 superyachts including both charter and brokerage vessels.


Marc considers the timing and location provides a very attractive package for visitors – an extremely wide range of boats on display – up to 60m (perhaps the widest display of superyachts in the world) – the availability of excellent food both within the exhibition area and nearby and excellent wellbeing facilities in Palma and nearby – mild spring conditions for sea trials and easy access via Palma Airport. Each year has seen an increasing number of related seminars and workshops to foster nautical related matters including yacht maintenance and refit an activity in which Palma is well renowned.


Whilst there has been wide praise for Palma 2017 Marc and his colleagues in the the Balearic Yacht Brokers Association(BYBA) and IDI (The Balearics Ministry of Industry) will be meeting shortly to discuss possible improvements for 2018 – possible agreements with Astelleros to further encroach into the boat maintenance/refit area, possible collaboration with fisherman's association neighbours in the incorporation of a major fishing and seafood presentation, possible establishment of a movable pontoon short cut from the superyacht area to the smaller craft and services zone, sampan water taxis ??? - suggestions on a postcard!!...... or perhaps email to

So with increasing demand over recent years on exhibition space don't delay - secure your application right away and confirm your private jet reservation.


Additional feedback is invited.

Geoff Williamson 

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The company Astilleros de Mallorca, winner of the Marcial Sánchez Barcáiztegui award


Press release IDI


This morning, Iago Negueruela, Minister for Work, Trade and Industry, presented the Marcial Sánchez Barcáiztegui award to the company Astilleros de Mallorca. The accolade was created five years ago within the framework of Boat Show Palma and is awarded to persons or institutions that have contributed to the promotion of the nautical sector across any of its strands with their business or sporting activities.


Negueruela presented the award to the Director General of Astilleros de Mallorca, Diego Colón de Carvajal, highlighting the importance of this company as a creator of stable employment and a driving force in the nautical sector. This year, Astilleros de Mallorca is celebrating its 75th birthday and has around one hundred staff members. Founded in 1942, Astilleros de Mallorca used to construct large transport vessels but subsequently the business activity came to focus on yachts and currently it centres on the refit of luxury boats. It is, in fact, a benchmark company at an international level in the maintenance, repair and modernisation of large craft. Meanwhile, Diego Colón de Carvajal thanked Boat Show Palma for acknowledging the company’s work.

Previous winners of the Marcial Sánchez Barcáiztegui award have been the Naval Commission of Balearic Regattas (2013), the H.R.H. Princess Sofia Trophy (2014), the Escola de Mestres d'Aixa of the Consell Insular de Mallorca (2015) and Margarita Dahlberg (2016).


Boat Show Palma sees a 10% increase in the number of visitors.


The Minister made a highly positive appraisal of the 34th edition of Boat Show Palma that closes its doors today at 6 pm. Without yet having the final day’s figures, Negueruela noted the fact that the number of visitors has increased by 10% compared to last year. Up till now, around 32,000 people have visited the Boat Show over the first four days. This fact, along with the increase in exhibitors (244) and boats in the sea (220), confirms the good moment the nautical event is passing through. This increase in visitors demonstrates that the promotion and marketing of the show that has taken place jointly with the IDI and BYBA, organisers of Boat Show Palma and the Palma Superyacht Show, has been highly effective with both the public and the media coverage of the fair. The Minister stressed that this public-private collaboration has proved itself to be a sound formula for the organisation of the show. With regard to future challenges, Boat Show Palma needs to grow even more as at present major boatyards are already requesting more space for the next edition of the fair. The organisation will do everything possible to satisfy the demand, even though the Moll Vell exhibition site is limited. It should be remembered that this year the show grew by 2,200 square metres through the zone of the Llotja dels Pescadors.


Salón Náutico de Palma de Mallorca
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Palma Boat Show increases exhibitors by ten per cent.

By Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter : Palma 25-04-2017
Press presentation by IDI ( Ins tut d'Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears Conselleria de Treball, Comerç i Indústria) organisers of Palma International Boat Show.

The 34th Palma Boat Show starts on Friday and runs until 2 May. There will be 224 exhibitors and 220 yachts and boats on the sea. The area for the show at the Moll Vell has increased to accommodate a ten per cent increase in the number of exhibitors and a 20% rise in the number of boats.

Iago Negueruela, the Balearic minister for employment, trade and industry, says that this year's show will be displaying the latest trends in yachting and maintenance as well as nautical services. He describes the show as an example of public-private collaboration between the government and the nautical sector and as an event at an international level for the industry, nautical tourism and the thousands who visit the show each year.

The managing director of the Institute for Business Innovation, Nuria Hinjosa, points to the importance of the investors' forum which will take place during the show, while the president of the Balearic association of nautical businesses, Jaume Vaquer, stresses the importance of the show for the sector.

The investors' forum will be on Friday and bring together more than 40 potential investors and start-up businesses. There will also be an area (Marina Tradicional) for traditional boats, the Superyacht Show featuring 67 yachts with an average length of 37 metres and the Repair & Refit Show, highlighting maintenance, repair and modernisation of superyachts.

The Night of the Sea will be on Saturday evening until 11pm. Exhibitors will be holding parties, dinners and concerts as well as staging fashion shows.

Majorca Daily Bulletin : Palma 25-04-2017

More info on Salón Náutico de Palma de Mallorca
• IDI ( Ins tut d'Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears Conselleria de Treball, Comerç i Indústria)
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Nautical Updates from Mallorca.                                 24-03-2017

   Palma Superyacht Show 2017   28th April - 2nd May  
The Palma Superyacht Show will take place alongside the long established Palma Boat Show. This superyacht event is organised by the Balearic Yacht Brokers Association(BYBA).
Arne Ploch of Camper and Nicholson has played a major role in the establishment of this Superyacht event first at Port Adriano and now for the fifth year in the historic Moll Vell in Palma. Arne says "The show is now very well established as an important event in the International Nautical Calendar and has been fully subscribed since the beginning of the year. 2017 will see a modest increase in the number of superyachts on display – with about 67 vessels ranging from 24 to 60 metres and with a 50:50 split between sailing and motor yachts. Following the increased popularity of the Balearics as a charter destination 2017 will see more charter yachts on display (about 30%). As in previous years the combined Palma Boat Show and Palma Superyacht Show will provide a range of eateries and complementary facilities both within Moll Vell and nearby. Refit and Repair facilities will feature strongly this year.

The event provides a rare opportunity for potential buyers and charterers to view such a range of craft in the same location – hopefully under blue skies.”

Geoff Williamson 

For more information re Palma Superyacht Show 2017 contact:-
Press Officer, Jane Thompson
m: +34 605 223 202   
Palma Boat Show raises its sails.
Press release from Salón Náutico de Palma de Mallorca
2nd March 2017.

The Palma Boat Show will for another year be in charge of opening the nautical season in the Balearic Islands. From 28 April to 2 May, the city will wear blue as it hosts at the Moll Vell (Old Dock) one of the most prestigious international boat shows. Its over 5,000 square metres of exhibits will bring together around 600 boats on land and in the water, and more than two hundred businesses that will directly participate in the Palma Boat Show.

Although marketing tasks are now in their final phase, the organisers announce that the show will be a full house and that there is a waiting list of companies that want to attend the Palma Boat Show and that it is impossible to make space for, as the exhibition venue, located in the centre of the city, cannot be expanded. Faced with this situation, the Palma Boat Show prioritises the quality of the exhibition over the quantity. In fact, it is important to note that 95 % of the companies present at the show are from the nautical sector. All of this means that the Palma Boat Show’s offer gets more technical and professional every year.

One of the aspects that makes the Palma Boat Show stand out most every year is the increase in the number of metres length of the boats on display. In the last four years, the show has had a great ally, the Balearic Yacht Brokers Association (BIBA), that at the same time organises the Palma Superyacht Show, an exhibition of superyachts of over seventy metres in length. This area will also feature a space dedicated to the repair and maintenance of large vessels.

Innovation has always been one of the maxims that has shaped the organisation of the Palma Boat Show, and so this year the first edition of the Investment Forum has been organised for projects relating to the nautical sector. This forum’s main objective is to put companies in touch with potential investors. Furthermore, workshops will be held for entrepreneurs from nautical firms and potential investors.

Another of the novelties of the next edition of the Palma Boat Show is an educational area dedicated to traditional sailing where the artisanal crafts related to the sector, as well as other activities, will be recognised.

All of this will be completed by a very varied programme of presentations and activities, both by the exhibitors and by the organisation, which will be another attraction for the thousands of visitors who every year flock to the Palma Boat Show.

Salón Náutico de Palma de Mallorca
• IDI ( Ins tut d'Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears Conselleria de Treball, Comerç i Indústria)
• Tel. +34 971 179 573 • 628 721 331
• Moll Vell • Puerto de Palma


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