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26th Palma International Boat Show 2009 

Palma Old Port ( Moll Vell / Muelle Viejo ) Area

 25th April to 3rd May 2009



Company Name: Astilleros Menorquin Yachts, S.L.
Commercial Name: Menorquin
Adress: Polígono Industrial de Sant LLuis
Avda. Circunvalación, parcela M8
07710 - Sant LLuis - Menorca - Illes Balears - España

Tel: ( Commercial Dpto )  +34 971 156 781

Fax:                                 +34 971 156 784




Additional Contact Details


Marketing Department.

Paula Camps
Marketing & Communications
Tel:    +34 971 156 781
Agent in Mallorca.

Nautica Balear
Puerto Portals, local 58
07181 Calvià (Mallorca)
Tel.     +34 971 677 465
Mov.    +34 619 189 559
Fax.    +34 971 675 960

Press Agent.

Mar Lucena,
C/ San Quintín, 6
28013 Madrid
Tel:      +34 91 548 23 60

Agent in UK.
MDS Marine Ltd
Hamble, Southampton.

Firefly Road,
Hamble Point Marina, School Lane,
S031 4NB Hamble
Tel:       +44 23 80 457 656
Fax:      +44 23 80 454588


Economic Activity.

Menorca based Menorquin have been constructing traditional Menorquin wooden Llauts since 1978. Behind each Menorquin boat there is a history of passion for the sea. Menorquin have a very clear view of the requirements for seaworthy vessels that echo the elegance of classic designs, incorporate traditional craftsmanship and take advantage of modern technology.

Design and comfort are combined to perfection to produce the unique experience that is sailing a Menorquin.

The activities of Menorquin have expanded over the years and now include: -

-  The construction of their “Menorquin Llaüts” range comprising boats of between 5 and 8 metres in length.

-  The construction of their cruising yachts range, “Menorquin Yachts”, of between 10 and 18 metres length.

 -  The construction of their super yachts range, ”Menorquin Custom Yachts”, of 20 and 24 metres length.

 -   The construction of the ”Largo by Menorquin” range so far includes the Largo 100 GT model which competes in the classic runabout sector.

 -  “Menorquin Charter” offers a charter service for Menorquin Yachts in The Balearic Islands and Alicante.

 -  “Menorquin Services” offer maintenance, repair and refit services to Menorquin owners.

 -  Under the “Emotion Yachting” brand, Menorquin supplies all the Menorquin products and services and supplies second hand vessels – both Menorquin and other makes.


Stands.   F-07,   808,   809,   810


Menorquin have confirmed their line up for Palma 2009.


Their display will include the new Menorquin Yacht 120 which will premiere in Palma. Also included will be the Menorquin Yacht 145, the Menorquin Yacht 160 and a model of the Menorquin Custom Yacht 240.


 Boats on Display


Mooring / Stand Motor / Sail Make            Model            LOA mtrs Beam mtrs
808 Motor Menorquin Menorquin Yacht 120 11.85 3.90
809 Motor Menorquin Menorquin Yacht 145 13.99 4.50
810 Motor Menorquin Menorquin Yacht 160 15.95 5.00


Click here for more information on the MY120.

Click here for more information on the MY145.

Click here for more information on the MY160.

GW28850-60 = Palma International Boat Show - Menorquin Yachts stand with luxury traditional wooden Llauts + Cathedral behind - Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. 6th May 2007. GW28860-60 = Palma International Boat Show - Menorquin Yachts model 160 luxury traditional wooden Llauts enteringBoat Show mooring area + Cathedral behind - Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. 6th May 2007.

Menorquin Yachts at Palma 2007.

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